The Black Gate Board Game

Produced by: Lucifuge Dragon
Website: Sixth Circle

The Black Gate Board Game Main Map

The main map for the cancelled The Black Gate Board Game.

Lucifuge Dragon has adapted Ultima 7: The Black Gate to an adventure board game. Players assume the roles of classic Ultima personalities (presumably the Companions) and must work together to destroy the three generators, thwart the Fellowship, and ultimately destroy the Black Gate. There are also side quests to finish, dungeons to raid and clear, and a plethora of items to find and equip…including the Black Sword itself.

Unfortunately, as of February 2014, Lucifuge has announced that he is discontinuing work on the Black Gate board game. The good news is that the work thus far is not wasted — he is in the process of developing his own IP based on the game’s underlying systems, and still hopes to make an amazing game. It will not be an Ultima themed game, but we will continue to watch it with interest.

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