Ultima 7 German Translation

Produced by: Sir John
Website: Deutsche Übersetzungen für Spiele der Ultima-Reihe

Die Schwarze Pforte (Deutsche Handbücher)

The German translation of the manuals for Ultima 7: The Black Gate and its add-on, Forge of Virtue.

Sir John was one of the principal contributors to the German translation of the Ultima 6 Project, and with the love of the Ultima still very much in his heart after completing that project, he decided to tackle the task of translating the original Ultima 7 to German as well. It’s an ambitious project, especially for what appears to be a solo effort, but Sir John has been making excellent progress with it.


The biggest hurdle that Sir John faces at this time is finding time to work on this translation, as he already has several other translation projects on the go (and in various stages of completion). He has also been looking at different tools to speed up the translation process, and must deal with the difficult challenge of handling certain kinds of punctuation (e.g. umlauts).

But he has already managed to translate a number of conversations, and has also produced a translation of the manual for Ultima 7, and for its expansion, Forge of Virtue.

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