Seven Towers’ Ultima 7 Upgrades

Produced by: Marzo Sette Torres Jr.

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The Keyring Patch is actually a collection of small upgrades to Ultima 7 (and Forge of Virtue, which is actually a requirement of this patch). Chiefly, it adds a keyring to the game to assist the Avatar in managing the massive number of keys that can be accumulated in the course of playing the game.

It also features a number of modifications to Ultima 7’s event scripting, a fair bit of custom usecode, and some other “not so subtle” changes according to the developer. It almost qualifies as a remake more than as a patch…but not quite.

The Avatar Pack completely re-does the portraits for the Avatars in both The Black Gate and Serpent Isle. It not only provides new portrait graphics, but also adds updated gump and paperdoll graphics for each Avatar as well. You can even play a redheaded Avatar!

Both patches require Exult, and the Keyring patch in particular requires Exult 1.5.

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