El Portal Negro (Ultima 7 in Unity)

Produced by: @Outer__Gamer
Website: El Portal Negro @ Blogspot

Outer__Gamer has embarked upon the ambitious task of re-creating Ultima 7: The Black Gate using the Unity engine. Although it is a spare time project (aren’t they all?), since about March of 2017, he has implemented the complete map of Britannia (well, the terrain, at least), a combat system, placed some of the buildings, and has set up the introductory sequence. Which, based on this video, takes a few cues from Ultima 9 (and I mean that in a good way). At the time this project entry was posted, work was also being done on the Isle of the Avatar.

This remake appears to be implementing Ultima 7 as a first-person game, which (I think) works rather well based on the video linked above. At present, it appears that the remake is in Spanish, though I would imagine Outer__Gamer may be open to translating it to other tongues at some point.

There is no project website to link to at this time, and Outer__Gamer won’t be releasing any downloads for a while. However, you can follow his progress on Twitter; he posts new images and videos there periodically as he finds time to make progress on this remake.

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