Wired Upgrades for Exult

Produced by: Marzo Sette Torres Jr, Curiousis0Gruck, and Alun Bestor

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There were a series of four small update patches released for Exult by a consortium of folks through the Wired Entertainment website (which is currently down).

The female redhead Avatar patch is pretty self-explanatory: it adds a female, red-headed Avatar to the Ultima 7 character creation menu, and provides the necessary graphics in-game as well.

The Rankin patch corrects a small bug in Ultima 7 in which the conversation with Rankin could sometimes loop infinitely. This patch requires Exult 1.2 or later.

Finally, the Quests and Interactions patches add a massive amount of world interactivity to the game (more than already exists, which is a fair bit) — you can grind wheat, milk cows, churn butter, shear sheep, and weave cloth. It also provides a few bugfixes to the pocketwatch and to how fishing is handled. The quest patch also adds a side-plot wherein you can return the Rune of Honor to Trinsic. These patches require Exult 1.2 or later.

(Please note that you can download the interactions patch bundled with the quest patch, or as a standalone.)

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