Ultima 7: The Feudal Lands

Produced by: Wizardry Dragon, Marzo Sette Torres Jr., Crysta the Elf
Website: Ultima 7: The Feudal Lands

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This is a mod for Exult (with the release of Exult Studio, expect these to become more and more common) that seeks to merge The Black Gate and Serpent Isle into one seamless narrative. Additionally, it will feature a third continent — the Lands of the Feudal Lords — and a series of quests that the Avatar and his/her party must complete there.

This is an ambitious remake (and also a spin-off, within the technical definition of the term), to be sure! In addition to the expanded narrative, the developers plan to re-introduce the Virtues to the lands of Ultima (i.e. the Avatar will once again be able to interact with the Shrines). As well, they plan to overhaul the spellcasting system and enable party members to wield spellbooks.
The alpha release of The Feudal Lands is now available, and can be obtained by downloading one of the four files listed above. There is a Windows installer file, which provides a standard wizard-based installation method for the mod (as long as you have Exult installed, it should work just fine).

Also available is a compressed archive of the entire TFL file repository available as either a Windows self-expanding archive or GZIPped TAR file. Grab the one appropriate to your OS and unzip it into the ‘mods’ folder in the install directory for The Black Gate.

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