Exult Rotate

Produced by: cma
Website: Rotate graphics 45 degrees to be upright? @ the Exult Forums

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This is a fascinating mod for the latest release of Exult 1.4.9, which rotates the field of view 45 degrees clockwise about a vertical axis, giving the game a more classically isometric feel (that may also increase its appeal to Ultima Online veterans).

Though still very much in a proof-of-concept state, developer cma opted to release both a standalone executable and a patch for Exult 1.4.9-rc1 so that those curious about the potential of the mod can get an early look thereat. The setup, however, is a bit convoluted:


    Copy Excult-rotate.exe to the installation directory of a existing Excult 1.4.9-rc1 installion

    Create a custom key binding and map a key for toggling rotation
    – copy bgdefaultkeys.txt in Excult directory and name it my_keys.txt
    – edit my_keys.txt and add a new line at the end like this:
    Q toggle_rotate_world # hit Q for toggling rotation

    – edit Excult.cfg and changetag to include full path to my_keys.txt


    Run Excult-rotate.exe , select setup and video options. see screenshot below. Option mark by the red rectangle must be set to that exact value. save the option and start a new Blackgate game. Hit Q to toggle rotate world.

You can find the settings screenshot, along with several examples of Exult Rotate in action, in this collection:

This being a very, very early build of the mod, expect to encounter various bugs and crashes if you take the rotated view for a spin.

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